This year, I wasn’t particularly interested at all in the big game (my Packers are going to make it back soon, I’m sure), but I am always interested in making snacks. So when a friend told me she was having a small get-together, I took it upon myself to use up some CSA goodies on recipes I’ve been meaning to try!


First, Roasted Cauliflower and Aged White Cheddar dip, which I found on Closet Cooking. I already had everything I needed except the aged white cheddar, which gave me a good excuse to go out and do some “fancy” cheese shopping.


The cauliflower gets roasted in olive oil, salt, and pepper until it’s a little browned. It was incredibly hard not to just eat it all at this point.


And here’s what it looks like after the cauliflower, sour cream, cream cheese, garlic, and rosemary (in place of the original recipe’s thyme) are all combined in the food processor! Something I am learning from cooking a lot: I really need a big food processor. Anyway, since I was planning on baking it at my friend’s place, it just went into a tupperware and schlepped to Harlem with me at this point.


Secondly, I wanted to make a dessert, so I went with this Blueberry Cream Cheese bread I found on Pinterest, via The Keenan Cookbook. More cream cheese! And look at those beautiful CSA eggs, I’m in love.

This recipe ended up being a bit more of a pain than I expected; I ended up using my stand mixer AND my hand mixer (which I had to drag out of its storage place on the top of my cabinets) in order to make it. The bread has egg yolks mixed into the dough, but then you have to whip the whites and gently fold them in. It gave the bread a light fluffiness, which was nice, but not quite worth the hassle in my eyes (especially if I was making this bread for home and not a special occasion). Instead of having the cream cheese mixed right into the bread, it has a layer of cream cheese-lemon (subbed for orange, since it’s what I had) goodness in between two blueberry bread layers.


Here’s what it looked like straight out of the oven! And now, the aftermath (snacktermath?):

photophoto (1)

Both dishes went over crazy well, the dip especially! We ate it with baby carrots and tortilla chips, which was perfect. The bread was a good, sweet (but not overwhelmingly so) dessert.

Tonight, I’m off to Kalustyan’s for some spice shopping with a former coworker; I have been meaning to go there¬†forever, which means I am definitely coming back with some cool (and possibly useless, let’s be real) stuff. Report forthcoming!